Modere Network Marketing

Can you really make money at Modere?


In this video I’m sharing with you if there is money to be made at Modere? How is this network marketing company/social retail platform different than your traditional company?

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Show notes and resources:

1. Branding yourself and not your company is the way to hit the top ranks of the company. Providing value and using attraction marketing is exactly what Modere teaches from corporate down.

2. Modere has a dual sided comp plan meaning that you can hit the top ranks of the company in the sales side or the team building side. You do not need to have a team to be successful over here!

3. There are many different ways to earn money at Modere. You can earn up to 36% commission on selling our clean-living products. You earn money when someone joins your team and you earn commission off of your team sales.

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Julie Reynolds is a leader in the network marketing industry who has had success building a team of over 1,000 people. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.